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Do you no longer want to practice Freemasonry, and be O.F.F. rather than FROM, due to your commitment to Jesus Christ and the Word of God (The Holy Bible) instead of the Masonic Order?

If so, then we would like to welcome you to our ministry. We only have three simple requirements for you to join us. Every member of the Order of Former Freemasons must complete and submit the following form below, agreeing to our Mission Statement, our Statement of Faith, and a letter of resignation from your lodge.

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Once we receive this form, we will email you a FREE certificate of lifetime membership into the Order of Former Freemasons (O.F.F.). All fields are required, and you agree that your electronic submission of this form confirms your resignation from the Masonic Order.

To inform the Body of Christ of the biblical incompatibility of Freemasonry and expose the non-Christian worldview of its religious teachings using sound documentation.** To make ourselves available to witness and testify of our firsthand experience as to what goes on behind the closed doors of Masonic Temples. To provide a place for Christian fellowship, discipleship, and spiritual maturity for men who have left the Masonic Order for Jesus Christ. To reach Masons in order to lead them out of the Masonic Lodge, with gentleness and with respect, into an accurate and saving knowledge of the true light of the world-Jesus Christ our Lord (John 8:12). **Note: Sound documentation, as it relates to our purpose, is the objective written Word of God (the Holy Bible) as compared to Grand Lodge-issued Masonic literature buttressed by quotations from well-known Masonic authors.


, do hereby resign from this lodge of duly accepted Masons, and denounce Freemasonry for the following reasons. Its teachings violate and undermine the teachings of biblical Christianity. It has been proven to be a religion, and I shall not hold allegiance to a non-Christian religion, and the Christian faith at the same time. Freemasonry violates the First Commandment—which is an essential doctrine of biblical Christianity—by its syncretistic concept of acknowledging all gods, of all religions, as one god under the one name G.A.O.T.U., rather than exclusively acknowledging and honoring, Yahweh (the God of the Holy Bible)—as the One and Only True Living God and Creator of the Universe.

Finally, because of my commitment to Jesus Christ and the Word of God (the Holy Bible) I have come to the realization that the religious principles taught by the Masonic Lodge are not consistent with Biblical principles, which support the Christian faith.

Therefore, I have decided to be OFF rather than FROM, and no longer participate in the Masonic Order, but instead, become a lifetime member of the Order of Former Freemasons (O.F.F.). We have found that participation in Freemasonry interferes with a close relationship with Jesus Christ. My prayer, however, is that Masons everywhere will come to an accurate and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives. Until then, farewell and may God bless you all. As a matter of record, a copy of this resignation letter will be emailed to the Grand Lodge of this jurisdiction, on my behalf, by my newfound brotherhood within the Body of Christ—the Order of Former Freemasons.